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Hi, I’m Giselle Johnny

Here is my Journey

 from Pain to Purpose

I was determined to find meaning in my life !

Hi, friend, this is a short synopsis of the person I am today, my becoming was born out of many trials and failures. Most times, when you envision someone successful, you only see what they have accomplished, but the days, nights and years of praying, studying, investing in themselves, taking risks, persevering past, adversity or feelings of fear and unworthiness, no one sees. On my journey of improvement these setbacks are what helped me to become the person I am today. 

Here’s My Full Story

I grew up on a small Island in the Caribbean called Trinidad and Tobago. From birth, I had health challenges that never allowed me to play sports. I often felt clumsy and depressed, but I learnt to focus my energy on other things like cooking, singing and writing. I actually started a fudge business at age 10 and had big dreams from very young.

I was determined to find meaning in my life !

Desiring to do meaningful things while struggling with my health gave me a thwarted self image. I thought I'd never be able to achieve the dreams I carried in my heart.

In my early 30's, I was invited to a conference that transformed my entire life. I noticed the two event facilitators serving and talking to the other attendees . I carefully observed their compassion, and humility and was so touched all weekend as they took their time to pour into every broken person. I felt so alive that I started to reflect on my own childhood feelings of unworthiness. I immediately felt empowered and encouraged by their training. I realized that my Mom and Dad had always loved me, I was not a burden to them. There was no need to work for acceptance all of my life. I wept all weekend long and felt like a ton of unworthiness had been lifted off of my shoulders.

More about me

The Breakthrough

For the first time in my life, I felt free, I finally found the liberty to go after my dreams, free to reinvent myself. That was the day I settled in my heart, that my purpose in life is to help people to find and fulfil their purpose in life. I wanted to provide a solution. I wanted to speak, write books and provide training to inspire people to transform their lives and make a difference in this world, just like those two speakers did for me. It took me some time to find the right mentors and coaches, but eventually I did, and that was the epiphany of the real breakthrough. Held my first conference in 2015

Held my first conference in 2015

I was hospitalized in 2019, and while facing a near-death experience, I got a vision of this purpose wheel.

I was hospitalized in 2019, and while facing a near-death experience, I got a vision of this purpose wheel.

This was another breakthrough moment. Adversity resulted in clarity and an unshakable desire to rise up and redefine myself, mind, body and spirit.

Today I'm the Founder of Ignition Mode Life Solutions; A purpose-led movement that is changing lives around the world. I'm also the Co-founder of Extending The Borders Ministries, a non profit that helps the less fortunate while Empowering Christian Leaders.

I want you to know that courage, a willingness to never quit, and relentless faith is the KEY to overcome adversity and achieve your goals.  Prov 24:10 NET — If you faint in the day of trouble, your strength is small!

As I continued working on myself, investing in a coach, and attending Leadership workshops and seminars. I experienced a SHIFT in my Life and Mindset.

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Inspiration Meets Education

Preparing for my calling led me to earn a degree in Christian Ministry, Marriage And Family Counseling & International Business and Commerce. I became certified in CBT/ NLP Life Coch and pursued stdies in Herbology & Integrative Nutrition as I I was determined to find an answer for my health crisis.  The more I worked on myself, the more my confidence grew and my search for significance ended.

This Ignited me to start a Holistic Mission to help hundreds of Kingdom Leaders to achieve Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Relational wholeness.

 I'm here to help you Ignite your purpose &.transform your mind and body, all while cultivating meaningful relationships.

My journey as an Entrepreneur for over 20 years coupled with 13 years of being a Faith-based leader, while struggling through health challenges, Ignited the passion in me to birth Ignition Mode Life Solutions. I've been so blessed and humbled to have delivered Life transforming keynotes, workshops, personal and group coaching sessions to hundreds of leaders around the world. The Ignition Mode Movement

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Remember God's Plan and purpose for us will never change, but we must allow him to lead the way. Prov 19:21 NET — There are many plans in a person's mind, but it is the counsel of the LORD which will stand.

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